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Clevercat® Heavy-Duty JUMBO Liners

Ordering and Shipping Information:
(One Size ONLY – Litterbox and Liners)
  (10 Liners Per Roll)
$5.00 Flat-Rate shipping per "Liner Order" 
For "1-roll Liner Orders" to "10-roll Liner Orders"
"12-roll Liner Order" = FREE SHIPPING!
Liner orders are shipped via US Postal Service "Priority Mail" and are delivered in 3-5 business days.


Jumbo Liners
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Clevercat® Liners are specifically made to fit
Clevercat® Top-Entry Litterbox!

Quick & Sanitary Changes - Eliminate a Huge Mess!

Larger & Heavier Than Other Liners

  • Liner Size: 18" x 12" x 23"
  • 1.25 mil. Thick
  • Opaque White
                    (One Size ONLY – Litterbox and Liners)

Liner Installation Tips:

Open and insert liner. Align and center liner's seam along interior length of Clevercat's® base, also centering liner's seam within base's width. Attach liner over lip of base to create an approximate 2" overhang on 3 of the 4 corners and position the 4th corner for final attachment. Add and level out litter. Smooth liner against all 4 sides to release trapped air and to maximize interior space for your cat. Lastly, attach 4th corner. To maximize liner's exterior overhang, gently pull up all 4 sides of liner slightly to release any excess liner that may be trapped underneath litter. FYI: There will be an approximate 2" overhang on exterior of litterbox when liner is properly installed. We are based in sarasota. Call us today for more details. 


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