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Customer Reviews

Top Entry Design = No Mess!

"It's the best litterbox I've used! My cats took to it fast and this box isn't as smelly as other boxes I've used. Also, the litter-tracking problem is solved. Clever Cat really works!" Angela P.

"My kitty and her 4 kittens figured out Clevercatbox right away. I wasn't really sure if they would use it, especially the kittens, they sure proved me wrong… I love it and the kitties love it too! I just got another one." Darnell B.

"My male cats stand-up to pee. I was using a 2 piece hooded litterbox and always had a puddle under it to wipe up. My problem was solved with Clever Cat. Thanks!" Diana V.

"Our cat loves to dig in his litter. We had litter scattered everywhere. Sometimes he pooped over the edge of his old cat pan. My new Clevercat put a stop to all this… WOW!" Sarah Jane B.



"Clevercat is a kitty-tootsie-roll-stealing dog's nightmare! My little poodle Jigger can't raid the litterbox any more. He's very unhappy, but I'm not!" Kristine C.

"I recommend Clever Cat Box to those who have both cats and dogs. Now I don't have to put the litterbox up on the laundry room counter to keep the dogs out! It's wonderful!" Mary Ellen C.

"My beagle loves "litterbox cookies" and as soon as my cat leaves the box, he's in there for a snack… It's so gross! We were able to take down that darned baby gate too! Thanks!" Margaret Y.



"Our cats love the privacy and choose it over their old open litter tray when we put them next to each other. We were surprised, but the cats will only use their Clevercat now." Marissa G.

"I rescue a lot of unwanted cats and kittens every year and have several of your litterboxes. Your litterboxes seem to protect the timid kitties from "litterbox ambush" by the more aggressive ones. I've told many other cat-rescuers about your litterbox!" Marjolaine D.


Clevercat® Liners = Quick & Sanitary Litterbox Changes!

"I had never used liners in any of my previous cat boxes. After trying your Clevercat liner samples, now I wouldn't even consider not using liners. They make cat box changes really sanitary and convenient!" Carrie B.

"I love using the liners because changing the cat box isn't as messy as it used to be. Besides, the box doesn't have to be washed every time. Saves me a lot of time!" Russ W.

"The combination of your litterbox design and liners have been a lifesaver! We are very busy with our kids and pets, and appreciate any time saved. To use the liners seemed expensive, but we've found they're worth every penny for the convenience and time saved. Believe me!" Phyllis K.

"I like the fact that Clevercat liners cover the sides of the litterbox all the way to the top. My cat sprays urine on the liner now and not all over the inside of the litterbox. Now I can just toss out the liner and eliminate a huge mess!" Edward M.

"When I had another style cat litterbox, the liners used to leak and tear easily. What a mess! Your Clever Cat liners are strong and a perfect fit for your cat litterbox." Tami G.

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